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Offering premium Swiss quality facade systems for high-end architecture - serving Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina.

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Advanced Façade Solutions would like to introduce SWISSPEARL® and our recent decision to distribute the SWISSPEARL product line in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina.

SWISSPEARL panels are fiber-reinforced cement composite material, applied as a rear-ventilated façade or cladding system. A wide range of colors are available in 3 main product lines. Factory CNC cutting, drilling, perforating, and etching is available.

SWISSPEARL allows your renewed creativity and imagination to translate to large and small projects, whether commercial or institutional or residential. We look forward to sharing our presentation, samples, and literature with you, and working with you soon on a SWISSPEARL project in this area!

SWISSPEARL’s unique formulation and revolutionary coloration processes.
They are the foundation of the remarkable facade panel range, which offers great creative freedom in the design of the facade. One outstanding characteristic in particular are the unique surface aspects, which are ideally suited to express the character of each building.

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